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Accomodations at Olde House Inn

At the Olde House Inn, we invite you to experience the exceptional hospitality of our charming accommodations. Our quaint, Georgian-style setting offers the perfect atmosphere for an enticing escape, romantic weekend, or long-term stay! We take great pride in providing all our guests with warm feelings of home, access to real beds, and convenient, comfortable, high-quality amenities.

All guests of the Olde House Inn enjoy shared access to an extensive library, spacious living room, and fully-stocked kitchen. All rooms are non-smoking and come standard with cable TV and wireless Internet. We also provide laundry facilities on the 2nd floor.

The Patrick Suite

The perfect accommodation for a romantic weekend getaway, the Patrick Suite is our most sought-after space. The Patrick Suite comes with multi-tiered living space, a gas fireplace, Queen bed, sofa, antique dresser, and walk-in closet. The suite also boasts an attached bath with spacious shower.   

  • $139/night 
  • $650/month

Regimental Quarters

A bit more luxurious, the Regimental Quarters feature a more expanded living space, a queen bed, and a walk-in closet. This room also shares very close proximity with the non-attached bath.

  • $79/night 
  • $450/month

Judge's Chambers

Acozy room with a single bed, polished dresser, and attached bathroom. This room is just perfect for overnight stays and a more solitary experience.

  • $89/night 
  • $350/month

Dell's Salon

An attractive, south-facing room with a double bed, dresser, and walk-in closet. Dell’s Salon has close proximity to the non-attached bathroom and is available for very reasonable rates.

  • $79/night 
  • $300/month

Luggage Room

One of our smaller rooms, these accommodations are ideal for kids, teens, and adults looking for a “no frills night’s sleep.” Simple, small furniture is included for more storage space. 

  • $79/night 
  • $200/month